Shakespeare coming to Santa Ana

June 26, 2018 by  

Shakespeare by the Sea (SBTS) will present one of Shakespeare’s classic plays this summer in Santa Ana. The Winter’s Tale will be playing in Birch Park in July. Put on by a volunteer company, the event is free, welcomes families, and promises to be entertaining.

Shakespeare by the Sea is a non-profit organization that puts on shows all throughout summer in LA county, parts of Ventura and Orange counties, and all of South Bay. Their performances are professional and free, allowing people of all backgrounds to experience live Shakespeare.

The play that will be performed, The Winter’s Tale, is about a king who banishes his family out of wrongful greed, and learns the truth of his life and learns how to forgive. Filled with morals and perhaps a miracle or two, it is an entertaining, family-friendly choice.

SBTS will be performing in many places, not just in Santa Ana, and has a calendar online. Performing groups often benefit from printing services to create and hand out brochures, calendars, or other items. In the past, performances by SBTS have been popular. Arriving early would be a good idea, as well as having a beach towel or blanket to sit on, as no seating is provided.

The performance will start at 7:00 pm, and will end at approximately 9:00 pm. It is scheduled to take place Thursday night, July 26.