Snellville workshop will explore the power of a positive credit score

June 22, 2018 by  

Managing credit can be an important part of maintaining one’s overall financial good health, and a Snellville workshop will explore simple ways to do just this.

According to the organizers of the CreditWi$e session, participating in the event will give the public a variety of tools that they can use to keep their score high while paying off debt and building their savings. The registration fee to be included in this learning opportunity is $30, and all are welcome.

The topics that will be on the agenda for discussion during the event include how to quickly improve a credit score, how to arrange settlements with creditors for any past due bills and also how to remove negative entries from one’s credit report. Along with this, tips will be shared about building savings so that financial stress and worry can be eliminated.

Each person who registers for the learning will receive a CreditWi$e journal to take home with them, as well as samples of letters that can be used when crafting a settlement with a creditor. Customized items like this can be crafted by print shops in the local area.

This exploration of the link between positive credit and good overall financial health will be held on July 15, beginning at 4:00 pm. The location for the workshop will be 4818 Stone Mountain Highway in Lilburn.