Tomato feast on the way for Torrington foodies

June 24, 2018 by  

Torrington foodies who would like to learn more about where the food they love comes from may wish to save space in their schedule this summer for a special area event.

Tomatoes are one of the local crops at their peak in late summer, and the Chef to Farm dinner will showcase these fruits in a variety of dishes. Along with the food, there will be an opportunity to meet and greet others who are interested in sustainability and farm-to-fork style eating, as well as a chance to visit the farm where the tomatoes they will be eating were grown.

The event will open with a reception, and after this the guests will be invited to walk through the farm’s gates and see for themselves how the crops are grown, harvested and prepared for consumers. Once the tour is complete, the group will be seated in an outdoor dining area where they can enjoy a menu of freshly prepared dishes that have been crafted from scratch.

While the occasion may focus on freshly sourced food, it will also serve as a fundraiser for the CT Farmland Trust. Print shops in the local area can be called upon to supply an event like this with any printed items needed to ensure it is a success.

This opportunity to enjoy a farm to fork style experience will be taking place on August 30 at 25 East Weatogue Street in Simsbury. Tickets are $99 each.