Puyallup workshop to explore Social Security

June 23, 2018 by  

Navigating the process of applying for Social Security benefits can sometimes be a confusing process, and a Puyallup workshop will help to clarify the procedures to follow and provide other information as well.

The no-cost event will be presented to the public by Kirk Larson, who will be addressing a variety of issues that can arise when applying or planning for Social Security benefits. It is open to anyone who may find it useful, and is scheduled to run for two and a half hours.

The topics that are on the slate for discussion include how early retirement can affect a person’s benefits, what benefits may be available upon retirement, and what the eligibility criteria are for them, and also what might the future of the Social Security program may look like. There will also be an introduction to the My Social Security web-based account, and those who plan on participating are asked to set this up before they arrive.

The planners of the function noted that they have asked anyone who is interested in the learning opportunity register ahead of time, as only a limited number of seats are available. Brochure printing for this type of function can be provided by a printer in the local area.

This exploration of the Social Security system and how retiree can make it work for them will be held on July 23rd in the Puyallup Public Library located at 324 S Meridian. All are welcome to register.