East Williston plans fencing for elementary school

June 22, 2018 by  

East Williston’s school district recently said it plans to fence in North Side School, both to keep students from wandering off school grounds, and to prevent entrance to the school by potential assailants.

Mark Kamberg, the president of the school board, revealed the plan after a work session at which the recommendation was made by the district’s safety committee.

Members of the committee said North Side is the only district school that is not fenced. One member, Michelle Grosskopf, felt it was odd the school had no boundary of any kind at the perimeter of its property. Parents who attended the meeting do not believe fencing the property would keep out an armed intruder, but support the idea of being proactive, rather than regretting not having taking action after an incident does occur.

North Side occupies a full block, and is bordered by several major traffic routes, which can be dangerous to youngsters who do not appreciate how fast traffic moves.

Kamberg said there are a lot of unresolved issues about the fence, such as its height and style, and when it will be erected. He added that the process of drawing plans, getting state approval, requesting bids and approving the project all take significant time, so the fence probably will not be up by the time the fall semester starts.

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