New German bakery arrives in Cary

June 22, 2018 by  

A brick-and-mortar location of Annelore’s German Bakery recently opened in downtown Cary. It is owned by Annelore and Norbert Gstattenbauer who have spent eight years selling their German baked goods at farmers’ markets in the area.

A combination of European technique and design, modern technology and innovation, and old-fashioned hospitality create the atmosphere of the bakery. The bakery has an open layout and an oven with custom-made glass-doors and interior LED light fixtures so that guests can see the pastries and breads while they are baking. The baking equipment is imported from Germany and is state-of-the-art so that it is ecologically conscientious and energy efficient.

The Gstattenbauers pride themselves on their service as well. They know the names of many of their customers and take time to talk to those who are not regular customers. Norbert said that the idea of the bakery was to recreate how neighborhood mom-and-pop shops used to operate. It is fortunate that they are able to combine environmental and ecological sustainability with this old-world charm.

The items at the bakery are made from all-natural, fresh ingredients and are authentic German baked goods and seasonal in nature.

Various printing companies can be hired to create flyers and other materials that can be distributed throughout the community so people can be informed about such new establishments in their community and the many products that are offered.