Meridian becomes home to new YMCA complex

June 22, 2018 by  

A new YMCA complex recently opened in south Meridian showing how the community can come together to take advantage of the resources they have.

Director of Parks and Recreation for Meridian, Steve Siddoway, said the project came about as a result of a partnership with the library, the school district, the city of Meridian, and the YMCA St. Luke’s.

The parking lot that is part of the complex was built by the school district and the YMCA and will be shared by the YMCA and a new park in the city, which will save money for the city, while St. Luke’s and the school district will also be able to use the new park for its activities.

Tammy de Weerd, the mayor of Meridian, added that collaboration is necessary and more should be done but often working out the details is a challenge and should be done right at the onset. This collaboration is the first of its kind so there may be some issues to work out in the future.

Clinical Supervisor for St. Luke’s, Jeff Wagner, said that cooking classes and supervised exercise are some of the services to be offered at the new YMCA, with a medical director on site was well.
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