Emergency medical personnel given special recognition in Fall River

June 24, 2018 by  

During National EMS Week, there was a ceremony at One Government Center in Fall River to honor those women and men for their service in saving lives in the city.

John Lynch, Fire Chief for Fall River, commented that in earlier days those involved in emergency medical service would be the ones who took people in medical distress from their homes and consequently got them to the hospital. Today, they are paramedics who take action at peoples’ homes before arriving at the hospital and are one reason for the increase in peoples’ longevity today. Some of the best people in the field come from Fall River.

Mayor Jasiel Correia II added that critical to saving lives in emergencies are the emergency medical personnel. This is the time to thank the EMS staff as many people in the city owe their lives to them, particularly as Correia believes it has become an increasingly difficult job given the many challenges faced today.

A proclamation was read by the mayor to honor the emergency medical personnel in the city. There was a pinning ceremony for the 49 men and women on the staff.

Timothy Oliveira, EMS Director, said the staff are well-trained and dedicated, working around the clock, every day of the week.

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