Petaluma to host postal service career fair

June 21, 2018 by  

Petaluma residents who are considering a career change may wish to check out some opportunities that are available in their local area.

The US Postal Service recently announced that it has job openings in the San Francisco vicinity, and to help give as many people as possible a chance to take advantage of this opportunity, it has planned a career fair. It will take place over two days, it will run from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm on both.

The planners of the function noted that the positions that are being filled are City Carrier Assistants, and the starting wage for these is $16.78 per hour. They also explained that one of the perks of the job is having access to a free vanpool for transportation to and from the City of San Francisco.

Those who come to the hiring fair are asked to bring along a valid driver’s license. Those who have a Veteran Preference Document or a Selective Service Registration Number are asked to ensure they have these documents on hand as well. A local printer can supply promotional pens and other printed items that are needed for an event like this.

This opportunity to start a career with the US Postal Service will be held on July 7 and 8. It will be taking place at 1150 N McDowell Blvd in Petaluma.