Middletown event will make food preparation fun

June 16, 2018 by  

Middletown foodies will soon be able to enjoy a night that has been planned with them in mind, and it promises to combine food and fun in a casual atmosphere.

Chef Sandy Squillante will be the host for the evening, and she will keep the guests entertained as she provides a live cooking demonstration that will feature Australian-style fare. She will prepare the dishes for the night as the attendees look on, and the ingredients will be fresh and sourced locally if possible.

The meal will open with a salad featuring grilled zucchini, and this will be followed by a skewers of barbecued shrimp. The dinner will draw to a close with Lamingtons, which the organizer noted is the National Cake of Australia. The planners also noted that Chef Squillante will walk the attendees through the preparation of the food, and the whole occasion is intended to be both fun and delicious.

Those who come to the meal are welcome to bring along a bottle of their favorite wine, beer or other beverage to accompany the food. The occasion is open to singles and couples alike, and print shops can provide any marketing materials needed to help let the public know when and where an event like this is on offer in their area.

Taking place on July 20, the event will begin at 7:00 pm, and tickets are being sold for $46.60 each.