Donation means construction can start on bike park

June 13, 2018 by  

Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers recently announced that thanks to a donation from the El Pomar Foundation, the city can go ahead with construction of a new bike park for young people.

The $60,000 grant will be used to finish a youth bike park located at Fountain Park, which is next to the Hillside Community Center. Suthers expressed his gratitude to the foundation for its financial assistance, going on to say it was a great example of the way in which public-private partnerships can help entire communities.

The bike park is among a number of projects the Generation Wild Initiative and Great Outdoors Colorado (COCO) is working on; it wants to encourage families to enjoy the outdoors. The bike park’s total cost is estimated to be $200,000, and the donation from El Pomar means the city now has enough money to start work. The three-acre park is expected to be open by this fall.

Kids on Bikes’ executive director Daniel Byrd is excited about the park, where kids can have fun and learn how to ride safely at the same time. Among the park’s amenities will be a course in street skills that will teach young riders the rules of riding in traffic. There is also an obstacle course and a course in mountain biking.

Projects like this are good for a community, so officials might like to work with a flyer printing company to create an announcement for mailing to residents.