Parents-to-be welcome to enroll in Clovis baby care class

June 6, 2018 by  

Becoming a new parent can often be as challenging as it is exciting, and a Clovis class will give moms and dads knowledge and skills they can use to make this short time in their child’s life much easier.

The Clovis Community Medical Center will be the site for a Newborn Care workshop, and it is scheduled to run for three hours. The workshop is intended to be taken before baby arrives, and will cover many different areas related to looking after the needs of an infant while aiding new parents in feeling more confident in their abilities.

The discussion will include the characteristics of a newborn, what care they will receive while in the hospital in the period after they are born, what should be considered when deciding whether or not a boy should be circumcised, infant health, and baby care basics. Time will also be spend addressing the issue of choosing and properly installing a car seat along with crib safety and how to choose a healthcare provider. The organizers noted that they highly encourage both parents to attend if at all possible. Care manuals and other teaching aids for an event like this can be sourced from local print shops.

The 2018 Newborn Care class is scheduled for July 5, starting at 6:30 pm. The ticket price includes both the mother and one support person of her choice.