Huntsville businesses can now sign up for Google Fiber

June 5, 2018 by  

Google Fiber recently announced that it is now making SME business plans available to clients with speeds approaching 1 gigabit per second.

The announcement was made at a celebratory breakfast at the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce. According to Lauren Johannesmeyer, city manager with Google Fiber, the plans come with no contracts, hidden fees, or data caps.

Terrence Brooks, a regional executive at Google, described the newly available business plans:

“We see it as being an offering for the photography shop, the graphic designer, businesses of that nature. If you want to move a lot of data fast … we are a great solution for that.”

Several other Internet providers have upped their game and improved their service, which can partly be traced back to when Google Fiber first announced its plans to come to Huntsville. That, coupled with Google’s recent announcement, is propelling the city closer to Mayor Battle’s goal of Huntsville becoming a ‘Gig city’.

Faster Internet speeds will be a big selling point for bringing new business into Huntsville, and future letterheads for Huntsville may boast the city’s Gig status.

Google Fiber is not available everywhere yet. If Huntsville is viewed as a clock face, residential services first became available last year in the northern part or ‘12 o’clock’ and has expanded past ‘3 o’clock’. Work crews are now working at the ‘6 o’clock’ position.