Nonprofit started by Malden high school students to assist with furnishings

June 4, 2018 by  

The mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson, recently met with four juniors from Malden High School who created Homestarters, a nonprofit organization where families who need furnishings can apply to get access to many household items, including bureaus, tables, couches, and appliances.

The students started this project as part of High Expectations, a college preparatory learning center run by Lynn Leonard, an attorney. The idea behind High Expectations is to encourage students to take part in special projects and offer them academic support.

The students—Tiffany Yu, Shuqi Yun, Kristy Yang, and Sammy Lee—came up with the idea when they learned that during the eviction process, gently used furniture was seized and often thrown away as trash. They saw this as an opportunity to help others by distributing this furniture and other household items to those in need.

They are collaborating with many types of businesses in Malden, such as owners of eviction warehouses and storage spaces and companies that rent moving trucks, to help carry out the mission of their project. They plan to hold a fundraiser at the Malden Pops Up Gift Shop through the month of June to cover the costs of Homestarters.

Flyer printing companies can also be used for such projects to create flyers to distribute to social service agencies, and throughout the community to get the word out about such endeavors.