Albuquerque clinic to explore wills and revocable trusts

June 3, 2018 by  

An Albuquerque workshop is on offer for members of New Mexico LegalSheild that will give them an opportunity to enhance their knowledge base when it comes to wills.

The clinic, which can be attended in person or online, will share basic information about the process of planning one’s estate. The participants will also be offered a chance to complete a will questionnaire from Davis Miles McGuire Gardener, and this information will then be used to prepare a will for each individual.

Along with the discussion about wills, there will also be a review of revocable trusts and in which situations they may be a good option. This learning opportunity is being presented free of charge to those who have a LegalSheld Will Benefit, and is included as part of the monthly fee paid by its members.

Those who are interested in participating can opt to participate online by viewing the webinar. If they wish to do so, they are asked to choose the ‘webinar’ option when they register. Presentation folders and other promotional products for an event like this can be designed by an area printer.

The in-person clinic will be held at 320 Gold Avenue Southwest on July 19 starting at 6:00 pm, and the online version will be held at the same time. Its web event listing includes more information and an opportunity to register for either option.