New library to be built in downtown Cary

May 31, 2018 by  

Construction on a new library in downtown Cary has recently begun, focusing on site work such as grading and clearing of trees.

The new library will be three stories in height and 30,000 square feet in size. Next to it is a parking deck for 600 cars. This location was determined back in 2010 to be within the same block as the park in downtown Cary.

The cost of the library is expected to be $23.7m, with the Town of Cary paying $13m for the construction costs and Wake County covering the rest of the cost and designing the parking deck. There will be an accessible walkway for those who are physically challenged.

Kathryn Trogdon, Public Information Specialist for Cary, said the construction will create no changes in traffic at the present time. In addition, work on the next phase of the park next to the new library in downtown Cary will not be affected as this phase is still being planned, with the consultant doing the work having been hired only in the past few weeks.

An opening date of Fall 2019 is expected for the new library.

Various printing services can be used to create flyers and other materials that can be distributed throughout the community so people can remain updated about the progress of such projects.