Baton Rouge airport hosts hurricane awareness tour

May 30, 2018 by  

As part of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, residents of Baton Rouge had the opportunity to get a close look at the aircraft that track hurricanes and meet with state and local responders, scientists, and specialists on hurricanes at a daylong event that recently took place at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport.

Media briefings and tours were conducted during the morning of the event. The chance to speak with those on hand and take tours of the aircraft was made available to the public in the afternoon. A U.S. Air Force Reserve WC-130J ‘Hurricane Hunter’ and the Gulfstream IV aircraft from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were on site.

Governor John Bel Edwards, director of the NOAA Weather Prediction Center David Novak, director of the NOAA National Hurricane Center Kenneth Graham, and director of the National Weather Service Southern Region Stephen Cooper were among the experts on hand during the event to speak with attendees. Print shops could be used at such an event to create various kinds of printed material that can provide information, which residents can take away to remind them of emergency preparedness.

Sharon Weston Broome, Mayor-President of Baton Rouge, encouraged residents to attend the event to meet representatives of these agencies and learn more about how to prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters.