Wauwatosa workshop to explore senior living choices

May 29, 2018 by  

No matter what a person’s age may be, choosing where they wish to live can be a big decision, and a Wauwatosa workshop will explore this situation from a senior’s point of view.

The participants in the event will be given tips and other helpful advice that can make it easier to find the place that is the ideal fit for their needs and lifestyle. The discussion will look at the issue from a variety of perspectives, and there is no charge to take part.

Ten different points that should be considered when choosing a senior living community will be on the agenda, and the audience will be encouraged to think through their own plans. Time will be spent on factors such as healthcare issues, cost, amenities and also what sort of supports may be needed.

Along with a person’s present needs, they will also be asked to think to the future so that they can make the choices that are best for them. Brochure printing can be used to craft materials, such as planning booklets, for an event like this.

This no cost activity will be offered to the public on June 19, and it will be held in Luther’s Manor’s Linden Room. It will begin at 6:30 pm and more details are available on the Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce’s website.