Santa Ana class to focus on the secrets of sausage

May 28, 2018 by  

A hands-on style class that will share the secrets of sausage making has been scheduled for Santa Ana, and those who take part will be able to show off their skills at their next BBQ or other gathering.

The Experts at Electric City Butcher will be facilitating the occasion, and all of the students will learn how they can craft sausages made by hand. They will also be given a special coupon that will give them a discount for any instore purchases they choose to make on the day of the event, and also one that will entitle them to 10% off during their next visit to the butcher shop.

The topics that will be covered in the workshop will start with the basics of how to choose the meats, seasonings, and other ingredients they will use in their sausage. After this, they will be taught how to grind the components together and then pipe them into a sausage skin. At the end of the evening, they will go home with four pounds of sausages as well as a branded butcher bag and sausage poker. Drink and snacks will also be served.

Tickets for this activity are available for purchase ahead of time, and their price has been set at $150 each. A local printer can supply branded promotional products for this type of occasion.

This class has been organized for July 12 at 201 East 4th Street in Santa Ana. The Electric City Butcher website includes further details.