Marlborough company receives honor from neighboring state

May 24, 2018 by  

Universal Window and Door, a company based in Marlborough, Massachusetts that produces custom windows for historic buildings, was recently recognized by the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation for its work in Connecticut-based projects.

The company recently finished producing historical windows that were used in the Billings Forge and 330 Railroad Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut and in Greenwich, Connecticut, respectively. Billings Forge is a large project that consists of apartment spaces, restaurants, job centers, and other areas for residents to enjoy. The 330 Railroad Avenue project is the redesigning of a building to turn it into a modern office space. The company was recognized for its role in both projects at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, Connecticut last month.

The CEO and president of Universal Window and Door, Tony Muraco, said:

“Being a part of these projects that were recognized by the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation is a tremendous source of pride for our employees as well as a testament to our growing reputation among developers and construction firms as the go-to window manufacturer for historic renovation projects.”

For more information about the projects and the teams behind them, the recognition that the company received from the Connecticut nonprofit, or to see more resources such as graphic design images of their products, visit the Universal Window and Door website.