OK City opera season opens

May 23, 2018 by  

Painted Sky, the only professional opera group in Oklahoma City, has disclosed its season for 2018-19.

This is the opera troupe’s third season, which will include a holiday performance and possibly three international performers. It wants to have performances that are more diverse and experimental. According to Rob Glaubitz, the Artistic Director and co-founder of Painted Sky Opera, experience has taught the company the best ways to operate.

There will be a few new additions to this season, and Glaubitz is happy with the current situation of the company despite some hurdles, aware that patience is key to building a following.

As per tradition, the troupe will perform Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi as the opening performance. It will take place on September 14 at the Freede Little Theater of the Civic Center Music Hall. The show will also run on September 16 and 21. Rigoletto is a popular play with well-known songs and a plot based on the character’s actions. Glaubitz disclosed that the music will be traditional but the performance will be unique.

The community college of Oklahoma City is working with Painted Sky to introduce Bel Canto Trio to the area in November. It is the 70th anniversary of the group, with new talent performing the original works from the 40s.

Singing and acting troupes often sell promotional products to help fund their programs.