West Sacramento soon to get milkshakes with a side of history

May 23, 2018 by  

The wheels are turning and plans are underway to open a new milkshake shop in Old Sacramento, near West Sacramento.

The decision to lease a space on Front Street to Milk House Shakes is on the agenda for Sacramento’s City Council meeting next week.

The founder and owner of the milkshake shop, Kelly Boyles, hopes to open around Independence Day, although she has yet to go through the permitting process or build the interior of the space.

Business owners who are launching their own companies can use graphic design to decorate the insides of their locations and for any materials created by the company. Last year, Boyles won the Calling All Dreamers competition, put on by the Downtown Sacramento Foundation.

As part of her prize, she received interior design consultations, coaching, and funding worth $100,000.

The unique selling point of Milk House Shakes is that each of the shakes for sale will be named for a US president. The flavors will also be inspired by their presidential namesakes.

For example, the Barack Obama will feature coconut and pineapple, in a nod to his Hawaiian roots. The Andrew Johnson will be peaches blended with vanilla (Johnson was the first president to get impeached). The FDR will feature Nutella, which was created during a chocolate shortage just after World War II.

The plan is also to print fun facts about each president and their time leading the US on the cups.