Starbucks coffee shop to open in downtown Spartanburg

May 15, 2018 by  

Spartanburg will soon be the home of a Starbucks coffee shop in the downtown area. Finishing touches are underway including the hanging of the iconic green signs.

Tex Franks, superintendent for Dunbar Construction, commented that the renovations are coming to an end and the building will be inspected at the beginning of May. The building that is being renovated was formerly a retail store of Pink. Replacing in with a Starbucks will increase the competition in the coffee scene downtown as a Spill the Beans recently opened and a few blocks away is Little River Coffee.

Geordy Johnson, CEO of Johnson Development, said that the shop is expected to open sometime in the middle of the month, although no specific date has been set. He added that it is exciting that Starbucks decided to make a home in downtown Spartanburg and he expects that the Starbucks will “help enrich the quality of life for everyone in our community.” The Starbucks will also help to increase the number of pedestrians in the downtown area.

Starbucks has five locations outside of the city, so the opening of this store will be the first one in the heart of the downtown.

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