Novel concept in eating pizza comes to Meridian

May 15, 2018 by  

Coned, a restaurant that offers a new way to eat pizza, recently opened in Meridian.

The husband and wife team of Tyler and Marina Blake have had a food cart since November 2016, serving pizza in a cone. In April 2017, the food cart became a food truck and now it has become a physical location.

A grand opening celebration was held, where raffle tickets were given away for plane tickets to Los Angeles and two day passes to Disneyland. There were also gift cards and tee shirts. Free beer was also offered by Bella Brewing.

The pizza is made with soft dough cones and inside are layers of tomato sauce, cheese, and other ingredients, with options including onions, pork sausage, chicken, and pepperoni. The cones are then baked, with each cone equivalent to two slices of pizza.

Tyler says that this way of eating pizza in a cone started in Italy. He and his wife read about it and then decided to bring the style to Idaho.

In advance of the grand opening, Tyler was selling cones with ice cream, as everyone who sees the cone now assumes it is ice cream. An ice-cream shop in Boise that is locally owned, STIL, provided the ice cream.

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