HudsonAlpha Institute commemorates 10 years of operations

May 6, 2018 by  

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology recently commemorated the $1.85bn economic impact it has had on the Huntsville community over the last 10 years.

Among HudsonAlpha’s accomplishments during its ‘Decade of Discovery’ include the creation of 35 companies devoted to the life sciences, 163 children diagnosed with developmental delays that were previously unexplained and the creation of over 550 research papers.

Founded by Jim Hudson and Lonnie McMillan, the Institute was supported by private, local and state investment in the beginning. The objective was to put educators, researchers and entrepreneurs in communication with each other and facilitate their collaboration.

The facility has 15 research scientists also known as “principal investigators”. Among the areas of research being conducted by HudsonAlpha are agriculture genetics, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. Additionally, it also contains a Genomic Services Lab that does sequencing for scientists at the facility, as well as those elsewhere.

The HudsonAlpha is headed by Dr. Rick Myers, who participated in the Human Genome Project, which took 13 years and approximately $1bn to accomplish. As an example of how far the science in this area has come, at HudsonAlpha, a genome can be sequenced for a few thousand dollars in only a few days.

In addition to its contributions to science Hudson Alpha has also created an economic benefit for the Huntsville community; for instance, the nearly three dozen start-ups created a need for an sufficient amount of stationery and business card printing.