Shake It Records plans permanent music history exhibit

May 5, 2018 by  

Northside’s Shake It Records recently revealed plans for a permanent exhibit co-owner Darren Blase is calling ‘Sound of Cincinnati’, according to an article in City Beat.

The new attraction will feature mostly items from Blase’s collection, and will be housed in the shop’s lower level, which currently holds vinyl records. Some have already been relocated to the main floor to make space.

Blase had an interesting artifact on exhibit as he discussed his plans: a neon sign that was displayed in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, at Aunt Maudie’s. Aunt Maudie’s was a legendary bluegrass club where bands like Jim McCall and the Stoney Mountain Boys, and the Katie Laur Band played live music. The club was located on Main Street, which was known for being the place to go for music in the 1970s. Unfortunately, Blase had to return the colorful neon sign to the American Sign Museum.

Blase hopes to have his exhibit open in this fall. He describes it as a “revolving, multisensory” space that will allow people to take a look at everything from important local artists to the work of actress, vaudeville singer, pianist and dancer Mamie Smith, who was famed for her blues and jazz vocals. Smith was born in Cincinnati, and in 1920, recorded ‘Crazy Blues’, the first blues record to sell a million copies.

Efforts like this can prosper if organizers work with a flyer printing company to create a handout explaining the materials.