Canton area cooking class to showcase local produce

May 3, 2018 by  

The Baltimore Farmers’ Market offers a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit all sourced from the local area, and a Canton area event will soon be held that will make the most from these ingredients.

Schola’s chefs Jerry Pellegrino and Amy von Lange will be holding a special cooking class that will include a visit to the market to browse through what it has to offer and select items to incorporate into a Sunday brunch. The group will meet at Zeke’s Coffee and buy a cup before setting out, and as they walk through the aisles, they will discuss what they find and how it can be used to create a variety of dishes.

After the group has completed its shopping trip, it will be off to Schola, and when it arrives, it will be time to don aprons and learn a variety of cooking techniques where the ingredients are transformed into a brunch-style meal. Several dishes will be prepared, and the ticket price for the occasion is $55 each. Branded promotional products such as aprons, T-shirts and other items can be sourced from a printer in the local area.

This cooking class that will show some love to local farmers has been scheduled to take place on June 3. Anyone who would additional information can find it on the Schola Cooks Facebook page.