Calling all Burnsville budding vets

May 3, 2018 by  

Hopeful vets from Burnsville and the surrounding communities are invited to bring along their favorite stuffed toy and come to an event that will give them some hands-on STEM experience.

STEM Bunnies will be hosting a morning of educational fun for kids age 5 to 10. They, along with a parent or guardian, can discover more about a career in animal care and science while they provide care to both their favorite cuddly toy and some real life rabbits.

The facilitator of the event will lead the participants through an assortment of activities. These can include checking a rabbit’s vital signs, trimming nails, measuring weight, length and height, basic bunny first aid, how to safely hold a rabbit, care and feeding, injury and illness prevention, and how to look through a microscope.

The goal of the session will be to build on the children’s interest in the STEM subjects while also serving as a fundraiser for the organization. The monies collected will be used to meet the expenses of caring for the group’s rabbits. A family ticket can be purchased for $53 each, and both Little Vet medical kits and workbooks are also on offer. A company that produces promotional products will be able to supply items such as these.

Savage’s Family Farm, which is located at 4562 McColl Drive, will be the venue for this learning opportunity. It has been planned for Saturday, June 16, and more information can be found on the STEM Bunnies website.