Boulder offered sneak peek into its waste disposal system

May 2, 2018 by  

Boulder residents who have always wondered what happens to their compostables, recyclables, and other household waste after it is picked up for disposal can attend an event that will give them a behind-the-scenes look into this process.

Western Disposal’s Western Disposal Facility will be opening its doors to give the public a tour of its local facilities. While they visit, guests will also learn about what it is doing to bring about a cleaner environment.

The hour-long event will include a stop at the location’s recycling and bailing bays as well as its natural gas fueling station, yard, and wood waste site, and also its transfer stain and solar array. There will also be details shared about the county’s waste diversion and recycling program.

Those who would like to be included in the occasion are asked to wear good walking shoes and come dressed for the occasion. They are encouraged to carpool, as only a limited number of parking spaces are available. Promotional pens and notebooks, along with other branded items, can be prepared by an area printer to give out during an event like this.

This sneak peek into the system for waste disposal in Boulder is being offered on June 20. Everyone who would like to be included is welcome.