Vegan restaurant opens near Williston Park

April 30, 2018 by  

Albertson, about a mile from Williston Park, is now home to a new vegan restaurant: 3 Brothers Italian Kitchen.

Although ‘Italian’ and ‘vegan’ are not often found in the same sentence, 3 Brothers features many vegan meals alongside more traditional items. The restaurant now occupies the space that once housed Shi Wei Tian, and is the fifth 3 Brothers in the chain.

In order to create vegan dishes, chefs use items like seitan, mushrooms, tempeh bacon, and cashew cheeses made in-house. Using these plant-based materials, they make meat- and dairy-free offerings like seitan scarpariello, a “calamari” made with oyster mushrooms, and a rigatoni alla Norma containing eggplant, tomatoes, and cashew ricotta. Personal vegan pizzas are 12-inch pies, featuring vegan crusts with cashew mozzarella standing in for the traditional cheese.

For non-vegan diners, the choices are traditional Italian flavors, such as lasagna made with beef, chicken scarpariello, and burrata, which uses roasted red peppers.

In 2009, the chef, Jay Astafa, introduced the vegan concept in his Farmingdale restaurant, and then went on to open three other spots, all with both vegan and non-vegan items on the menu. The success of the concept has led the restaurant to Albertson.

New businesses like this want to build their brand, and one way to do so it to distribute promotional products to early patrons. Not only is the advertising subtle, but it also acts as a “thank you” to people for stopping in.