Purr-fect rescue in Youngstown

April 30, 2018 by  

Three kittens who got trapped in a window well in Youngstown were rescued successfully and are expected to be fine. However, it took a deputy sheriff, a videographer, a reporter, and a bail bondsman’s employees, as well as Animal Charities, to effect the rescue.

The drama started when Mahoning County Sheriff’s Deputy Eileen Burns saw a cat walking down the alley between a bail bond company and the County Commissioners building. She discovered three kittens trapped in a narrow space between a concrete barrier and a window. The space appeared to be approximately 15 feet in depth.

The deputy saw Michelle Nicks, a reporter for 21 News, and asked for her help. Nicks contacted Animal Charity agents, who came to the site to see if they could assist. The opening between the well and the wall was so narrow, there were few options available to save the kittens.

The agents decided to work on the window rather than the wall. They went into the basement of the bail bondsman, and, with the help of a videographer from 21 News, pulled away a plywood cover from the window. They were then able to pull the baby cats through the window.

Events like this can be inspiring, so officials might work with a poster printing company to create posters of the kittens to help in finding people to adopt them.