Northvale receives oxygen masks — for animals

April 30, 2018 by  

The Canine Company, a provider of in-home pet care based in Connecticut, has supplied Northvale and other cities with oxygen masks that first responders can use to save pets.

The need for such masks became clear last year, when the New Milford Volunteer Ambulance Corps answered a call about carbon monoxide, and found two humans and a dog in the house. The residents were saved because the first responders had oxygen masks for them, but the dog was saved only because a veterinarian was nearby.

Jessica Brunner was the captain of the rescue squad, and she kept thinking about how close they came to losing the animal. That led her to do some research, where she found out about the Canine Company, and its donations of oxygen masks that fit pets.

The New Milford ambulance service received two sets of masks. Each set has a number of sizes that have been designed to fit an animal’s snout. Brunner said that when responders use a human mask on an animal, there is no efficient seal, which means they will be breathing room air along with the oxygen, instead of the pure oxygen they need. The specialized masks eliminate the problem.

About 150 different rescue organizations across New Jersey have been given the masks, including the Northvale Volunteer Ambulance Corps, which was the latest to receive them.

Information like this would be reassuring to many, so officials might work with a flyer printing company on a mailer for residents.