South Stockton neighborhood to be transformed with new project

April 29, 2018 by  

STAND Affordable Housing is gearing up to spend $1.00 to purchase a vacant lot, 1.6 acres in area and based on the east side of Airport Way, from the city of Stockton.

This part of Stockton has been home to the New Grand Save Market since 2016, as well as other businesses that, according to, had a poor reputation. These businesses were shut down and a new Family Dollar store replaced New Grand Save, giving residents in the neighborhood a new shopping venue. STAND wants to do more in terms of improvements.

The plan starts with building dental, medical, and behavioral health clinics, together with a pharmacy. Then STAND wants to create a farmers’ market or fresh produce stands, retail establishments, a coffee shop, and up to 60 affordable residential units. Engineering students from Stanford University drew up modern-looking plans last year, and the administrator of STAND, Fred Sheil, said the overall structure would look very much like those.

Sheil said that late 2019 could be the soonest date for groundbreaking if everything falls into place, with a grand opening of the project following in late 2020 or early 2021.

Banner printing companies can be hired to create banners that can be displayed by such projects so those in the neighborhood can become aware of its many amenities, and when they will be able to take advantage of them.