Concord to connect with Charlotte via new bus service

April 28, 2018 by  

The Concord Kannapolis Area Transit transportation system recently launched a bus route that will be an express and will run all day.

The service will start Concord before connecting to University City in Charlotte, where there is a new light rail station. Called the Concord Charlotte Express, it will start just after 5:00 am with buses on the hour until 7:30 p.m.

Transit manager with Concord Kannapolis Area Transit, L.J. Weslowski, said this new line provides more options for people getting to work and opens up education, employment opportunities, and medical facilities in both directions.

Weslowski said the morning route starts at the Rider Transit Center in Concord, follows U.S. 29, and makes two intermediary stops before reaching its destination. The return route follows Interstate 85 North to return to the transit center going against commuter traffic. In the afternoon, the route reverses in that it still starts at the transit center but follows the interstate and then returns following U.S. 29.

The hope for the future is that the route will become sufficiently popular so that a second bus which would go back and forth along U.S. 29 could be added. Other configurations may also evolve as the route gets used.

Brochure printing companies could be used to create brochures that would provide more information on such routes to encourage ridership.