Revitalization of Stroudsburg business district highlights council meeting

April 28, 2018 by  

Discussions at a recent council meeting of the borough of Stroudsburg focused on erecting signs directing more customer traffic to the downtown area to rejuvenate the business district.

An exit sign on Interstate 80, which would read “Historic Downtown Stroudsburg” pointing to the direction of downtown, was proposed by Mayor Tarah Probst. Also recommended by Probst were signs on Main Street directing visitors to side streets so these businesses would get the same traffic as that on Main Street.

Poster printing companies might also be hired to allow for display in key locations along Main Street so that visitors and residents can become aware of other attractions in town.

As Main Street is owned by the state, Probst is planning to meet with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as it oversees signing for tourism in the state. Probst is also looking to make Main Street more attractive and accessible to visitors. Making the horizontal parking spaces diagonal would add 37 parking spaces on the street.

Also discussed at the borough council meeting was the proposed use of the vacant Parker Oil property in town. A convenience store is being proposed and discussion centered on whether that would be an appropriate use for that space.

Putting power lines underground is also being explored by the borough to protect them from storm damage, which is often the cause of power outages.