Washington area workshop to provide introduction to pollinators

April 27, 2018 by  

Horticulture can be a fun hobby for the whole family, and in Washington, amateur green thumbs will be able to spend a morning adding to their gardening skills.

Those who register for the Washington Youth Garden’s Flowers and Pollinators workshop will have a chance to learn more about the bees, butterflies and other creatures that gather nectar and pollen from flowers. They will observe them in their natural habitats, and even get to taste test some of the honey produced by the garden’s resident insects.

The activities are planned for those who are aged five and older to enjoy with a parent or guardian, and there will be games, crafts, and other learning opportunities on offer. The class has space for 30 participants, so anyone who would like to be included is advised to sign up well ahead of the day.

The ticket price for the workshop is by donation, and the suggested amount is $5 each. A higher amount would be appreciated, as this will help the organizers to fund additional classes in the future. Seasonal passes are also available. Poster printing can help be used to help make the public aware when events like this are taking place in their local community.

This exploration of pollinators and the important role they play will offered on May 12 in the Washington Youth Garden. Its website includes further details for anyone who wants to find out more.