Affordable housing advocates celebrated at breakfast in Malden

April 19, 2018 by  

Housing Families, based in Malden, recently held a breakfast at the Malden Irish American Club to thank the many legislators attending who have worked to keep those in need in good, safe homes.

Ed Cameron, CEO of Housing Families, expressed his appreciation of the work of the attendees and their efforts to keep moving forward with these issues.

State Senator Jason Lewis said that although Massachusetts is among the wealthiest states in an also wealthy country, there are still many who are without homes. He is hoping the Senate will quickly pass a housing bond bill worth $1.7bn that has been passed by the House and that voters will also approve an amendment, which will most likely be on the ballot this fall, that could increase revenue by $2bn.

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson highlighted the progress that has been made in the city itself. Habitat for Humanity is planning to build affordable one six-unit townhouse and two single-family homes on Main Street. Every family that was living at the Town Line Motel has also been placed into permanent housing.

When it comes to spreading the word, poster printing companies can be hired to create posters that can be displayed throughout the city in situations like this, making people aware of the efforts going on in their community.