El Cajon announces public meetings on transit

April 17, 2018 by  

El Cajon officials have revealed they plan to hold two meetings to allow public comments on proposed transit issues.

Both the city council and the planning commission want to hear what people have to say on three separate proposals: an amendment to the general plan, a zoning change, and a specific plan. The location of the project is the approximate 260-acre site around the El Cajon Transit Center, and the project was initiated by the city.

The specific plan considers new uses for land, as well as development standards for future projects, and improvements to streetscaping. This includes three new roundabouts on El Cajon Boulevard where it intersects West Washington Avenue, Palm Avenue, and West Main Street. Other projects include improving Main Street green streetscaping, and improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Marshall Avenue.

The proposed amendment to the general plan would change the land use designations near the transit center. Finally, the zoning would be changed to fit the changes to the plan.

The first public meeting is scheduled for this evening, April 17, at 7:00 pm, by the El Cajon Planning Commission. The second meeting is set for the same time on May 8, and is being run by the city council. Both will be held in the city council chambers.

Meetings like this are of interest to many, and organizers can help by working with a flyer printing company to create agendas to be distributed to attendees.