McAllen workshop to help lead to suturing success

April 16, 2018 by  

Healthcare professionals from McAllen and the surrounding communities who would like to add to their suturing skill set will soon be able to do so by participating in an upcoming event.

Dr. Patrick A. Ayarzagoitia has planned ‘Best Practices for Laceration/Wound Management and Suture Workshop’ as a way for those who take part to learn new suturing techniques in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Only a limited number of spaces have been made available, which will allow the students to receive a learning experience that is both hands-on and personalized.

The daylong workshop will teach the participants 10 new stitches, and has been designed for everyone, from beginners to those who have many years of experience. All of the materials needed will be provided, and it is open to any professional who works in the healthcare field.

The ticket price starts at $199.99 for FNP and RN students, while MDs, NPs and other professionals will be asked to pay $249.00. The participants who complete the training will be eligible to receive eight hours of approved contact. Stationery printers can supply training manuals and other materials for this type of occasion.

This educational experience has been planned for June 9 at 1800 S. 6th St. in McAllen. Its Facebook listing can be consulted for more information, and to register to participate.