Older Lutz residents invited to day camp senior style

April 15, 2018 by  

While many associate summer camp with kids, one has been organized that will soon show they can be for any age, with Lutz seniors invited to get in on the fun.

The Senior Summer Camp will offer four days of activities, which have been chosen with the older adult in mind. Those who are interested can register for each day separately or all of them a once.

The first day will see the campers tubing down Rainbow River, which will take approximately two hours. The next day will be dedicated to a walking tour of Ybor city, while the third will include a visit to the Marie Shelby Botanical Gardens. The camp will conclude with a dolphin cruise. The cost for each of the days will depend on the activity, and those who plan on taking part are asked to bring along enough money to purchase lunch.

While the scheduled activities will be outdoors, in case of inclement weather, indoor alternatives have been planned. The campers will meet at the Northdale Recreation Center in Tampa before heading out for the day. A printing services provider can supply any materials needed to keep events like this running smoothly.

The Senior Summer Camp will be held starting on May 29. Anyone who would like to register or find out more can do so through the Northdale OWLS website.