Manhasset’s help requested for annual riparian cleanup

April 15, 2018 by  

The Hudson River and its tributaries will soon be getting their annual spring clean, and members of the public from Manhasset have been asked to come out and do their part.

The yearly Flushing Bay Shoreline Cleanup will see people take to the riverbank to pick up trash, litter and other debris as part of the 7th annual Riverkeeper Sweep. The volunteers will gather at the Worlds Fair Marina, which is located in Flushing. They will be issued items they need to perform their tasks and then head out.

Those who plan on participating are asked to wear sturdy footwear, a hat and also clothing that they do not mind getting dirty. They are also reminded to bring a bottle of water, sunscreen and snacks. The organizers noted that while it is free to take part in the cleanup efforts, anyone who pays an $8.50 fee will receive a specially designed t-shirt. Promotional products such as this can be both designed and produced by a printer. Donations are also being gratefully accepted from anyone who would like to help but can’t make it in person.

This day of grassroots environmental action has been set for May 5. Anyone who would like to do their part to keep the riverbank clean for both people and wildlife is welcome. More information can be found on the Hudson Riverkeeper Facebook page.