Referenda for park districts approved by Frankfort and Frankfort Square

April 15, 2018 by  

Referenda were recently passed by the voters of Frankfort and Frankfort Square to generate funds for future projects for the park districts of both communities.

The district of Frankfort Square was seeking permission to sell bonds worth $1.5m in order to fund various improvements in the district. These improvements would include buying land, renovating and repairing parks, and other upgrades as long as no tax increase would accompany these improvements.

The district of Frankfort was looking for approval to sell a piece of property that had been purchased in 2014 to be used potentially as a new community center. However, a survey conducted two years later showed that residents were not in favor of the community center and the additional taxes they would have to pay to fund it.

Consequently, the district will continue to look for other options for the creation of recreational opportunities of an indoor nature for residents. Possible improvements to the Founders Center and other district facilities are being considered. Proceeds of the sale will also go towards paying off the debt certificates the district used to buy the property.

Various printing services can be used to create printed materials that can be distributed in the community so that people can become aware of the results of such ballots and their outcomes for the community.