Mt. Pleasant hosts aviation breakfast club

April 15, 2018 by  

The South Carolina Breakfast Club Fly-in was recently hosted by the East Cooper Pilots Association at the Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport. This event gives those who love flying the chance to discuss aviation and enjoy a meal together.

Aviators from across the state attended the event, with 130 pilots and over 80 planes. The planes included biplanes, helicopters, sea-planes, and any type of object with wings able to take off the ground.

Awards in the form of aviation swag were given by Roger Blackman, club ambassador, ranging from those who had flown the greatest number of miles over the course of their lifetime, to the youngest flyer. He said that the real mission of the club is to get new people interested in flying.

After breakfast, a South Carolina state flag donated by South Carolina Representative Greg Duckworth was presented by ambassadors of the club and circled across the tables for signatures. Family members of Gerald Ballard, who was the president of the club for almost 40 years will receive the flag at a tribute for Ballard at Twin Lakes in June.

The Citadel Cadets Flying Club, Mt. Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service also attended the breakfast.

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