Mexican-style restaurant to come to Tempe

April 15, 2018 by  

Downtown Tempe will soon be home to Illegal Pete’s, a chain of restaurants based in Colorado that sells Mexican-style food.

The restaurant will be along Tempe Mill Avenue in a space that was once occupied by My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. This will be the second restaurant of the chain in Arizona, with the first one having opened in Tucson in 2015, and brings its number of US locations up to 11.

Pete Turner, founder of the restaurant, said that he is excited to be moving into a very special space that is so close to the campus of Arizona State University into which he can create an entirely new experience.

Customers create their own tacos, nachos, and burritos at Illegal Pete’s. The restaurant will have a stage for local bands to perform and a bar serving margaritas and craft beer. It will be open for breakfast and close at 2:30 am to accommodate those who want to avoid the rush to the bar after school or work.

The scheduled opening date is before the start of the fall semester at Arizona State University, which is August 16.

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