Amazon books to come to Meridian

April 14, 2018 by  

The Village at Meridian will soon be home to a new Amazon Books store.

An interior tenant improvement was filed as part of a building permit application with the city of Meridian last month. The space has been used for other retail establishments in the past, including Robert Comstock and Paperie and Pen prior to that store.

The store is at a corner location next to Anthropologie and is planned to be 4,172 square feet in size. Featured at the store will be electronic devices, books, and general merchandise. There will also be a place for kids, a magazine rack, and several areas for reading. On the outside of the space would be taller bookshelves with the general merchandise displayed for sale in the middle.

The concept of Amazon Books is different from that of a traditional bookstore. The books in the store are based on reader habits and preferences from those in the local area. The book covers face forward, with tags next to each book displaying ratings and reviews. No prices are shown, so customers need to use the app from Amazon to find the price of a book.

Banner printing companies can be hired to create displays in the area announcing such new concepts in retail, and encouraging customers to try this purchasing experience.