Torrington joins in Earth Day with clean-up

April 11, 2018 by  

The City of Torrington and the Conservation Commission will be holding the 12th Annual Earth Day Clean-Up in a couple of weeks.

Local volunteers will be picking up trash along remote areas, riverbanks, and roadsides. Individuals will meet at the park and be given location assignments. Large groups can contact the committee earlier in the week and get location assignments, allowing them to meet at their own convenient time and place.

Trash bags and latex gloves will be provided. Participants are to wear brightly colored clothes and shoes for safety reasons. An appreciation lunch will be provided after the clean-up activity.

This will be only one of the area’s Earth Day clean-up events. Other towns cleaning up their streets and roadways will be Bethany, Norwalk and Warren. Celebrations are being planned for New London, East Hartford, Hartford, Woodbury Hamden, Brookfield, Canton, Newton, Bristol and Guilford.

Farmington is planning a Cold River Plunge; Washington will hold a 5k and clean-up; East Hampton will have a lake clean-up and plant-a-tree event. Naugatuck will have an Earth Day Mayor of the Day, and Hamden will be offering a 60-minute cruise on the RiverQuest. Ridgefield will be getting rid of old business cards and other paper materials on its Document Shredding Day.

Torrington’s Earth Day Clean-up is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 from 9:00 am until noon at Coe Park, 101 Litchfield St.