Ft. Lauderdale invites divers to make a difference

April 9, 2018 by  

A certification course is on offer for Ft. Lauderdale divers, which will give them the skills they need to help make the hobby of SCUBA diving accessible to as many people as possible.

The Buddy Disability Training workshop will teach the fundamentals of adaptive SCUBA diving. Those who participate will be able to both expand their knowledge and experience, and meet others who enjoy their passion for the aquatic activity.

The organizers of the session noted that those who complete the training will become certified as Buddy Disability Trained, and this will qualify them to participate in additional certification programs such as Rescue Diver and DiveMaster. They will also be able to gain volunteer experience helping an assortment of divers who have physical or other challenges, and they can also take part in Boat Trip Dives that will be offered to them free of charge.

The three days of learning include time in the classroom, as well as an equipment discount, rental tanks, diver boat trip and diver materials. The participants will discover more about how they can work with challenges that range from PTSD to autism to amputation and have fun doing so. Print shops can be called upon to supply any of the printed materials required for this type of program.

The training is set to begin on May 18, and the registration fee is $600.00. It will be hosted by Mission United located at 1300 S Andrews Avenue, and its Facebook page can be consulted for further details.