Evanston plans day of hands-on environmental action

April 8, 2018 by  

Chicago River Day will soon be returning for another year, and the plans for 2018 include a day of installing new plants along the banks of the Escondido section of the North Shore Channel.

The Evanston Ecology Center will organize and host this day of environmental action, and the volunteers will be working side by side. The center will be partnering with Evanston Habitat Project, and native shrubs and other plants will be utilized for this project.

Both bushes and larger trees will be planted as part of the day’s work, and this will help to both stabilize the banks, prevent future erosion and provide wildlife habitat. It will also beautify the area for the people that utilize it for recreational and relaxation purposes. Those who participate in the work are asked to wear closed-toed shoes and also clothes that they do not mind getting dirty.

Each person who volunteers for the project will receive a Chicago River Day t-shirt that has been specially crafted for the occasion. A local printer can provide graphic design and other services for an event like this.

The project will help to ensure that the North Shore Channel can provide habitat for birds and other local wildlife for years to come, and is scheduled for May 12. Anyone who would like to register or find out more can contact Evanston Habitat Project through its website.