Anchorage welcomes outdoor store

April 6, 2018 by  

Trax Outdoor Center, a shop that sells outdoor gear including paddleboards, Nordic ski equipment, Lululemon clothes, and some gently used goods, has opened a location in Anchorage.

The Trax stores are also authorized MasterCraft boat dealers. Trax has been operating in Fairbanks since 2012. Mike Hajdukovich, who owns the store, said he could not wait to open a second location in Anchorage.

Hajdukovich revealed that his brother lives in the Kincaid area of Anchorage, and was the one who spotted it when premises in a mall became vacant. The two decided that it was perfect to expand the operation at this time, because of the products and services the company offers during the winter. He also said he has been hoping to launch an operation in Anchorage for about five years. However, the Fairbanks store offers a yoga studio, something not available in Anchorage—at least not yet.

Trax has an unusual corporate philosophy. It encourages customers to upgrade their equipment by turning in their old gear, and setting up a payment plan so they can have the safe equipment they need and get outside and enjoy it, without having to save up to make the purchase. They also encourage patrons to stop by and visit, enjoy coffee or ice cream, or simply sit by the fire.

New businesses like this might consider distributing promotional products to their first customers, first to say thanks, and second, to build brand awareness.