Canton area class to recreate traditional crab boil

April 3, 2018 by  

A crab boil is a tradition that has deep roots in Maryland, and a Canton area class will see students create an assortment of dishes that have long been associated with this type of seafood feast.

This workshop will feature blue crabs sourced from Maryland waters, and the recipes used will come from ‘Maryland’s Way: The Hammond Harwood House Cookbook’. Along with the seafood, the students will prepare the traditional accompaniments that have come to be associated with this meal.

The participants will be making corn fritters, as well as fried green tomatoes, coleslaw, tomato and potato salads, and corn on the cob. The meal will be finished off with freshly made doughnuts that will be served with preserves from the local area. The event will offer a hands-on experience, and everyone who takes part will join in the food preparation and enjoyment. A company that prints promotional products can work with the planners of an event like this to create cookbooks and other materials to distribute to those who take part.

This salute to a longstanding Maryland tradition will be held on June 8, and it is scheduled to take place at 1005 North Charles Street in Baltimore. The ticket price has been set at $79.99 each, and all are welcome to come out and enjoy the seafood feast.